As A Special Operations Supporter You Will Responsible For Providing A Specific Item. The Specific Item You Provide Directly or Provide Funding For Will Be Presented and Labeled With Your Name. This is a Great Way To Provide Items Specifically Required and Have The Item Branded in Your Name. Here Are Some Examples of Needed Items.

A Pallet Of Water (Each Bottle Privately Labeled With Your Company Name)
Individual Obstacles (With A Sign Reflecting Your Name and Logo Next To The Obstacle)
Cases of Apples or Bananas (Each Having a Sticker With Your Name and Logo)

Other Items To Brand or Sponsor Include a Photo Logos… Many Photos Will Be Taken and Your Name and Logo Could Be Watermarked on Each One As They Are Downloaded For FREE By Participants.

A Charging Station, We Would Like To Set Up A Charging Station For Phones Which Could Also Be Branded.

For Any of These Support Opportunities Please Call 609.780.7432 to Discuss.