Welcome aboard !!! Be a Marine For a Day is produced by Last Salute, Galloway Twp. Official Military Funeral Honor Guard.

This Extremely Unique FREE Event builds Unity and Friendship Between The Military and our Community. It provides a Free day of fun and exercise with the United States Marine Corps as well as enjoying a delightful complementary MRE Meal.

Last Salute produces, organizes and manages events throughout the year to build unity and friendship between the military and the community. These events promote fitness, build character and create a spirit of camaraderie. These events include our long running and FREE “Magnus Mud Run” confidence course for children, the FREE “Be A Marine For A Day” fitness and education event, the “Smithville Freedom Run” 5K as well as many veteran’s events throughout the year including assisting veteran’s charities with their events.

We welcome your participation and look forward to providing you a great, fun day.

You must be 16 or older to participate.  If under 18 a parent must be present with you.  You must be in good health and able to safely participate.  This is a free event.  Behavior protocols will be strictly enforced.  Anyone behaving in a manner deemed to be unsafe to themselves or others, inconsiderate or rude or not following instructions or directives, will be immediately ejected from the event property.